Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parisa and I

I realized I did not have a picture of my beloved daughter on this blog site and it must be here.  I miss her so - she left this world much too early at 17 in March of 2007.  She had graduated early at 16 and gone to college.  Parisa and her boyfriend, Shelton, had gone to the Texas coast for spring break and were in a horrific accident that killed them both.  I hope they are at peace.  I will never be the same for a huge piece of my heart went with her and left a gaping hole that always aches.


  1. this is such a great picture of yall...shes so pretty,god i miss her so much and you too!! love ya!

  2. Lyn, this is such a beautiful picture of both of you. We can only hope they found and are at peace. The same that I hope for you, to have peace and that one day your heart stops aching. Love you dear friend